I’m Sam. I play saxophone, bass clarinet, and other instruments. I’m currently located in San Diego, CA, hot off of graduation from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI with a degree in music and mathematics. My musical interests tend towards the intersections between improvisation, composition, acoustics, and electronics in the experimental and jazz realms. I do a lot of different things, so the best way to check me out is to browse my “Projects and Collaborations” tab.

Please check out my bandcamp site!


The Future

I did a lot of things during my final term at Lawrence, and I’m very excited to share them with all of you! In a little bit….

I recorded two sessions with my great friend (and rival) Miles Allen. Check out a duo EP coming out soon.

I worked on a couple tunes for two-tenor quintet (featuring, as it turns out, the musicians who played on my Senior Recital). During the week before graduation, we had two rehearsals, a last-minute show, and an even more last-minute recording session to get down four of my tunes. We’ll be releasing them at some point during the summer.

I’ve been doing a lot of solo stuff on saxophone with looping and effects. I was originally going to record and release a project immediately after I graduated, but I ended up going to Minneapolis to see a Trucking Company show instead. It was worth it. I have more ideas now, and it’s looking to be more of a full-length release featuring looping compositions, improvisations, and bass guitar(!!???). We’ll see. My goal is to get that figured out by the end of July, so watch out for that.

Oh, and I also finished a big band arrangement of the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” in May. LUJE will be performing it next March.

Senior Recital

Thursday, April 13 was my Senior Recital at Lawrence University. The program consisted of:

Crepuscule (composition by myself), featuring Matt Blair (piano), Jakob Heinemann (bass), and Jeremiah Lemke-Rochon (drums)

Duet Improvisations with Matt Blair and Miles Allen (tenor saxophone)

Solo Improvisation.

It was a fantastic night, and great to see my family fly out as well. Thanks to all my teachers at Lawrence, my family, and my friends.




Keychain is a project that consists of exactly 100 pieces of music, all between 5 and 15 seconds long. It was recorded by myself at Lawrence University March 12-16. Cover illustration is by one of my best friends, Gillian Etherington. This project was a great experience that stretched my techniques in both improvisation and composition. If you download it, I recommend you listen to it on shuffle. 04092017keychain 2155124.png

LU Jazz Ensemble Arrangement: Lotus Blossom

Last week I premiered an arrangement of Strayhorn’s Lotus Blossom I did for the saxophone/reed section of the Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble. The simple construction of the piece comes from this recording of the tune by Duke on piano, on their tribute album to Strayhorn done after his death. You can hear the band packing up and talking in the background. Inspired by this, I took the rhythmic construction created by Duke and a few motifs and tried to capture that with a reed section. Thanks to Jack Breen, Linder Wendt, Miles Allen, and Shasta Tresan for performing this.

The rest of the concert was fantastic, and featured music by wonderful student and other contemporary composers.


Some important people I often collaborate with:

Matt Blair

Incredible improvisational pianist and composer.

Miles Allen

Saxophone friend and rival.

Sam Genualdi

Guitarist, composer, singer, songwriter, etc, etc, etc, etc he does everything.

Ridley Tankersley (Sk8 City)

Digital art, drawings, music.

Noah Gunther (Z-Axis)

3D animation/modeling, games, music, writing.

Willa Johnson (Hippie Bullshit)

Comics, digital art.


Some of my teachers:

Bill Carrothers

Matt Turner

Yochanan Sebastian Winston